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    Cardamone Law, a leading Pennsylvania Work Comp Law Firm exclusively for injured workers, has obtained three important wins for its clients.

    In a case involving work-related RSD/Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, the insurer tried to terminate benefits based upon a one- time defense medical exam. They also tried to move the case from the assigned Philadelphia Judge, to Pittsburgh. Cardamone Law fought back vigorously on both issues- obtaining two important Judge’s Decisions- keeping the case in Philadelphia, and keeping our client’s wage loss benefits alive as the lengthy year long litigation ensues.

    In a case involving a bus driver with a permanent cervical injury, the insurer is claiming he has an earning power- despite three of his own physicians, including a Neurosurgeon, saying he’s permanently disabled. Cardamone Law fought back, and secured a victory at the outset of litigation- keeping our client’s wage loss benefits in tact, allowing him to pay his bills and feed his family.

    More and more firm are claiming they’re “Work Comp Firms”. The reality is, however, most, if not all of these firm, handles different types of case. Not at Cardamone Law– Workers’ Compensation for injured workers is all we do. 7 days a week.

    Cardamone Law has significant experience litigating and winning RSD and CRPS cases. When you want an RSD Lawyer or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome Lawyer, call us. (215) 206-9068

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