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  • Construction Injury Lawyer Allentown

    Are you or anyone in your acquaintance has undergone a construction accident or injury anywhere in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or Allentown? Cardamone Law LLC, owned by certified Pennsylvania worker’s injury lawyer Michael Cardamone, offers dedicated, free legal consultation and expert construction accident attorney services to injured workers in Philadelphia, Allentown and Pittsburgh. (and all of Pennsylvania)

    Here are a few questions that people usually ask a construction accident lawyer in Philadelphia.

    What Are The Main Causes Of Construction Injury In Philadelphia?


    In the construction industry, the rate of injuries and fatalities is higher than any other industry. Accidents occurred at construction sites are usually caused due to negligence and hasty work practices. The most common cause of these injuries includes slip and falls from heights, electrocution due to exposed wirings and unfinished electric work, fires, and explosions, being stuck between tools and machines, trench collapses, and so on. Most of the injuries are serious and cause paralysis, temporary/permanent disability, and at times death. Injuries are often worse if proper fall protection equipment isn’t used.

    How Much Is A Construction Accident Worth In Philadelphia?


    Majority of employers have a workers’ compensation insurance. If they do not, it is a violation of law. Each case will have its own value based on many factors such as the extent of injury, the wages earned prior to the injury, the age of the injured worker, etc.

    A construction accident lawyer, PA is usually specialized in negotiating and fighting for their clients to help them get the money they truly deserve. We discuss all the accident details and provide you with the nearest estimate possible.

    How Much Is A Construction Accident Worth In Philadelphia?


    Yes, you can! The workers’ compensation insurance provided by the employer is usually a lowball offer aimed at helping the employer get an easy escape. Unfortunately, most of the injured workers are not well informed about the compensation they actually deserve and therefore they end up getting an amount that is insufficient to cover the loss. That’s why it is extremely important to consult a Construction Injury Lawyer, PA (Philadelphia) before you accept the offer.

    Can Employees Be Liable To The Injuries Caused At The Construction Site?


    It depends on the case. A professional construction injury attorney PA (Philadelphia) is well versed with the laws and can help ascertain the extent of employers’ liability for the damages occurred. In some cases, the liability is also shared by the property owners where the accident occurs, the manufacturing company that made malfunctioning equipment, or any other worker who— in any way—was responsible for the accident. You can file the compensation against all of them. For more detail, get a free consultation at (215) 206-9068.

    What Type Of Compensation Will I Receive?


    The type of compensation varies from case to case. In some cases, you can ask your employer to compensate for the pain and suffering by paying bills for the lost time at work, medical bills (present, previous and future), psychiatric bills and rehabilitation bills. Pain and suffering is available in 3rd party case- a case against someone other than your Employer, but not in Pennsylvania Work Comp cases. Your construction injury lawyer, Allentown will determine the compensation amount that you may get. Besides, you can collect compensation from different parties mentioned above. After discussing the unfortunate event in detail with you, your attorney will determine how many individuals and organizations are liable to pay compensation. Therefore, it is important to share every detail with your lawyer about the accident.

    For How Long Will I Be Able To Collect The Compensation?


    You will stay eligible for collecting your compensation amount until and unless your doctor announces that you have completely recovered from all the injuries, unless a judge believes an insurance company doctor’s opinion over your own doctor. Also, the extent of how long you receive checks depends also on whether an earning power can be established. In case your employer asks to work on a lesser-paid position in his/her organization, it would be wise to accept the offer if you want to continue getting the benefits, provided that the position is suitable for employment. But you will want to speak to a lawyer first. However, every case is different. In case, you lose your life in the accident, your window/widower is going to get the compensation till s/he dies or remarries generally speaking. If you want to get the best out of the free legal consultation offered by us, then dial (215) 206-9068.

    If you want detailed support and assistance, you can use our live chat feature as well or just give us a ring at (215) 206-9068 for a free consultation from our specialist construction injury lawyer.

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