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    Choose The Right Slip and Fall Attorney In Pennsylvania to Protect Your Rights

    Immediately lawyer up with an experienced slip and fall attorney when you suffer a slip and fall injury at work. Even if you think the injury is minor, it can sometimes lead to deeper damages that not only rack up medical bills but also affect your quality of life.

    Call a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer today so we can help you negotiate a fair settlement. Benefit from Attorney Cardamone’s expertise in workers’ compensation to secure your rights in the best way possible.

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    What Kind of Slip and Fall Cases Do We Handle?

    Whether you were injured on the job, at a bank, a grocery store, a mall, a store, a restaurant, or an apartment building — you may have a personal injury case and potentially a workers’ comp case too.

    Leading causes of slip and fall accidents include:

    • Poor lighting
    • Uneven pavement
    • Wet walking spaces
    • Failure to warn of wet conditions (weather-related)
    • Failure to clean properly
    • Loose cords or electric wires
    • Broken or faulty handrails
    • And many others

    Let us know as soon as your injury occurs, so our slip and fall accident attorneys can start investigating your case. Remember, there are no fees. Fees in work comp are contingent — same for personal injury cases.

    If we cannot handle the slip-and-fall case for some reason, we’ll refer you to one of our incredible colleagues to maximize your case.

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    Getting Medical Bills Paid After a Slip and Fall Injury

    Getting your medical bills paid is a large portion of the case that our slip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia, PA will put together for you.

    These bills can include:

    • An expensive ambulance bill
    • ER bills
    • Pain management
    • Prescription medicines
    • Diagnostic studies
    • Physical therapy, and
    • Durable medical equipment charges.

    Unpaid medical bills can wreak havoc on your credit so we take our time to make sure we have all providers accounted for. We’ll make a comprehensive list for you so that we can ensure your medical bills from the slip and fall accident are accounted for in any settlement negotiations.

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    Lost Wages From Slip and Fall Accident

    Obtaining lost wages is another component of the case that our slip-and-fall accident lawyers will handle for you.

    You may have past due losses, plus future losses if your injuries take you out of work. Our slip-and-fall law firm will be as aggressive as possible in getting all wages covered in our verdict or settlement. We’ll want to see your tax returns for the prior year, and we may hire an expert economist to assimilate past due, and future estimated loss of earning power.

    Lost wages can add up quickly. It’s very stressful not knowing when you will regain your earning power.  So we’ll work hard to ensure each dollar is accounted for.

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    How to negotiate after a slip-and-fall accident?


    First of all, don’t do it alone. Call a slip-and-fall expert attorney to help you negotiate a fair settlement. Doing it alone will yield a much smaller settlement in most cases.

    We’ll make sure you have good pictures of the defect causing you to slip and fall, and we’ll make sure you gave notice of the injury to the property owner and/or employer too. Negotiations after a trip and fall accident will require getting all the medical records and even a narrative report from a treating doctor, who can advise as to their opinions regarding diagnoses, restrictions, future care, etc.

    How soon should you start negotiating during a slip-and-fall case?


    Timing is very important in negotiating a slip-and-fall case. You don’t want to rush the demand package if the doctors haven’t defined and treated all injuries.

    Let the best Philadelphia slip-and-fall attorneys present a compelling case for you. We’ll need to consider your diagnoses, future medical needs and costs, your lost earnings, and future lost earning power, etc.

    This can take time as we’ll often need to garner multiple experts to write reports on your behalf. Sometimes there may be a mediation to try to settle your case. We’ll prepare you ahead of time so that you know exactly what to expect and what your participation will be in the process.

    How long do you have to get a lawyer for a slip and fall?


    You will generally have much better outcomes with more money being offered when you hire a slip, trip, and fall lawyer immediately after the accident.

    • For personal injury cases in Pennsylvania, you have only two years to file a Complaint against the property owner or entity responsible for maintaining the property that caused you to slip and fall.
    • For Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits, you have three years to file a Claim Petition from the date of injury, or from the date that you first believed your injuries may be work-related.

    What are your legal courses of action after a slip-and-fall accident?


    In many cases, there are two courses of action for a slip and fall injury:

    • One for civil damages i.e., a personal injury case, and
    • A Pennsylvania Slip and Fall Workers’ Compensation case.

    The attorneys, if at different firms, will want to discuss and coordinate the cases so that each can maximize the outcome. But getting a slip and fall accident attorney as soon as possible after the accident occurs, is the key to the best outcome.

    You will be advised what evidence we’ll need, and how to obtain it, and the firm will ensure you’re getting competent medical treatment. Call our top-rated slip-and-fall lawyers today!

    If my company denied my work claim, what can I do?


    The first thing to do is to identify why the claim has been denied. Typical reasons include:

    • Your employer says your injury wasn’t work-related.
    • You may have filed the claim after the 120-day notification period.
    • The occupational disease you have cited may not be covered under the PA Work Comp Law.

    Whether it’s one of these or some other reason that has caused your claim to be denied, an expert PA workers’ compensation attorney can often put it right. They can help you gather the right evidence that proves your injury was work-related, they can hire experts on your behalf who share their expertise on the injuries or illnesses you’ve mentioned, and may even help you if the notification period has passed.

    To get the best legal help in case of a denied work comp claim, call Cardamone Law and explore what your options are.

    How can a slip-and-fall lawyer's office help you with your medical bills?


    At Cardamone Law, getting your medical bills paid by your employer’s insurer is a huge part of the legal services we provide. We take into account all the different kinds of medical bills in the case. These could include:

    • Ambulance bill
    • ER bill
    • Prescription medicines
    • Pain management
    • Diagnostic tests
    • Physical therapy
    • And more.

    This is a dynamic process as the amounts owed can change, and as you continue to treat, new providers may be added to the mix. Make sure to keep a list of all doctors and facilities where you received any medical treatment. Our Philadelphia trip and fall lawyers will ensure that all your medical bills are accounted for during any negotiations and reflected in the settlement amount.

    How can you prove lost wages from your slip-and-fall accident?


    Our slip-and-fall law firm will work aggressively to get all your wages covered in the verdict or settlement. We’ll review your tax returns for the previous year and may even hire an expert to assess past and future estimated loss of earning power, which can be reduced to the present value.

    Let an experienced slip-and-fall attorney handle your case. We’ll know what experts are needed to maximize the value of your case. This way, you can focus on your recovery from your slip and fall accident, while we handle all the legal work.

    We’ll also give you advice about ways to survive financially during and/or after your case — whether it’s discussing social security disability, short or long-term disability, unemployment compensation, or other avenues.

    Do you have injury lawyers who specialize in slip and fall claims?


    We have handled hundreds of slip-and-fall lawsuits and know how to build a strong case. Let us know as soon as your injury occurs, so our Philadelphia slip-and-fall lawyers can start investigating your case.

    Our top injury lawyers in Philadelphia have expertise in restaurant slip and fall accidents. We also have parking lot slip and fall accident lawyers in Philadelphia with decades of experience in both the courtroom and the negotiations table.

    If your accident is more unique, like a slip on the snow, we even have lawyers who specialize in snow and ice slip injuries in Philadelphia so when you call Cardamone Law, you know that you’re in capable legal hands who can put together a strong case for you, and get every penny that you deserve.

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