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  • Hire The Best Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers In Philadelphia

    Recovering after a painful brain injury is an arduous and expensive process. It will take every last bit of your strength and will, but it is doable. Our traumatic brain injury lawyers in Philadelphia have helped hundreds and thousands of brain injury victims reclaim their lives and build back better.

    The road to recovery can be scary, frustrating, and isolating. While you may be the only one feeling the full brunt of your challenges, traumatic brain injuries are never a struggle for the victim alone. The hurdles affect the entire family.

    At Cardamone Law, our 60+ years of combined experience allow us to bring this understanding and insight into every case we handle. Our priority is to get you the compensation and access to the tools you need to recover. Our Philadelphia brain injury lawyers do that by winning for you the payment you are entitled to and giving you access to the resources you need to build back your life.

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    What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

    A traumatic brain injury causes severe damage to the brain. Anything that punctures your skull and damages the brain tissue is a traumatic brain injury.

    While experts segregate TBIs into two types — mild and severe — as brain injury lawyers in PA, we have seen enough cases to know that brain injuries are never mild. Even the ones that cause the least possible damage should be carefully screened and treated to ensure nothing slips notice. That is because even minor concussions can sometimes lead to catastrophic effects, and injuries that seemingly heal in the present often show their impacts several years later.

    Therefore, whether you are a victim, their friend, or a family member, it is vital to know what you are up against when you face a traumatic brain injury.

    Traumatic Brain Injuries In Numbers

    If the numbers look dire, the ground realities are more distressing. Many brain injury victims suffer life-altering effects on their memory, motor functions, and personalities. Some changes are irreversible, and others need expensive restorative therapies.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that:

    • In 2019, there were approximately 223,135 hospitalizations due to traumatic brain injuries.
    • In 2020, more than 64,000 people died due to extreme injuries to the brain.
    • When we convert these numbers to per-day data, we have 611 hospitalizations and 176 deaths daily because of traumatic brain injuries.
    • Children under 17 years old and elderly (75+ years and older) are at the most risk of sustaining severe brain injuries.
    • Males, compared to females, are at a higher risk of hospitalizations and death due to trauma from brain injuries.

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    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    All of these things cost money. But more than financial compensation, what Cardamone Law gives you is hope. We have been serving brain injury victims in Philadelphia, Reading, Allentown, and other areas of Pennsylvania for decades. We know what is at stake and what you are up against when you hire the help of a traumatic brain injury lawyer.

    Brain Injuries Are Different Than Most Other Wounds

    So much of what you go through as a victim of a brain injury remains silent and invisible. On the surface, you may look like you have your life in order, while inside the brain, there could be complete mayhem.

    Opposing attorneys usually pounce on these cloaked symptoms to try and discredit your injury. As top brain injury lawyers in PA, our firm has access to notable medical and psychiatry experts who have successfully proven that most effects of traumatic brain injuries remain hidden, and some may even materialize years after the accident.

    Just because you cannot see something is hardly grounds to deny its existence.

    Brain Injury Lawyers at Cardamone Law

    Cardamone Law is a dedicated legal practice to serve injured workers in Pennsylvania. As an award-winning boutique law firm specializing in work injury cases, we have earned a bit of a reputation for being persistent, focused, and committed to helping injured workers get back on their feet.

    If you or someone you love has suffered a traumatic brain injury — at work or otherwise — contact Cardamone Law and discuss your case for free.

    Since most brain injuries are preventable when one occurs, someone is likely at fault. Whether or not you know the person or the entity who has caused you harm (a defective product or a person driving recklessly), our brain injury attorneys in Reading and other areas have the resources to hire the best investigators to gather all the evidence and mount up a strong case.

    When you work with Cardamone Law, you are in the care of legal experts whose only priority is to see you fully compensated so you can start your rehabilitation journey as soon as possible. We serve injured workers throughout the Pennsylvania state including:

    If this sounds like the help you think will turn your life around and give you control of your life back, call us at for a free case evaluation.

    Situations That Can Lead To A Traumatic Brain Injury

    Even a minor slip and a fall can cause a life-altering brain injury. However, car accidents are how most victims receive the most damaging brain traumas. Sudden strong shocks to the brain and body, broken glass from the windshield puncturing the skull or the brain, and swelling of the brain tissue or internal bleeding are all serious injuries that can change the victim’s life forever.

    In extreme cases, the TBI victims may have to relearn how to speak, think, and even walk.

    Some common scenarios that may lead to TBIs include:

    Situations That Can Lead To A Traumatic Brain Injury

    To claim compensation for these injuries, the suffering party has to file a personal injury lawsuit against the perpetrators. To win the case, you will need physical evidence, medical evidence, and expert testimony aligned in your favor.

    To start legal proceedings, call our expert brain injury lawyers in Pennsylvania at for your free case evaluation.

    Symptoms Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

    There can be a myriad of symptoms of brain injuries. As Philadelphia brain injury lawyers, we have seen clients with headaches, dizziness, vision problems, balance deficits, speech problems, vomiting, focus issues, trouble sleeping, or a combination of these symptoms. Recovery can take weeks or sometimes never be reached.

    Each case is unique, and this is so important to understand. Just because your neighbor recovered after being struck on the head after 4 to 6 weeks does not mean you will recover from your brain injury this quickly or at all.

    Our team of Philadelphia brain trauma lawyers will look at the facts of each case to determine which doctors you will need to see.

    Yet some symptoms are typically associated with a range of traumatic brain injuries. Here is a brief overview:

    • Headaches
    • Sensitivity to light, sound, and other stimuli
    • Dizziness
    • Vomiting and nausea
    • Unexplained fatigue
    • Seizures
    • Slurred speech and similar problems
    • Feelings of numbness in limbs
    • Neck and shoulder pain
    • Ringing in ears
    • Difficulty waking up after sleeping
    • And others

    Remember, the symptoms can wax and wane too. Some days you may have headaches but none of the other symptoms. It would be wise to keep a journal so that your doctor can try to determine which activities will help you or hurt you.

    Lasting Impacts of a Traumatic Brain Injury

    People who suffer traumatic brain injuries describe its long-lasting impacts as puzzling, scary, and exhausting. In extreme cases, people relearn everything — who they are, how they love and think, and their entire histories.

    Recovering from TBIs is a slow process that can be frustrating and challenging for the victim and their family and friends. As much as it is necessary to support a loved one who is relearning everything from scratch, the struggle can strain relationships.

    Therefore, it’s critical to understand the struggle and note some lasting impacts you may be dealing with due to a traumatic brain injury.

    • Vision loss
    • Hearing loss
    • Memory loss
    • Loss of speech
    • Cognitive disabilities
    • Paralysis or loss of motor functions
    • Loss of inhibitions
    • Mild to extreme personality changes
    • Damage to the immune system
    • Struggles with emotions and feelings
    • Coma
    • Death

    Many of the effects a person goes through after a TBI remain misunderstood. The data on TBIs is constantly updating, so when you file a personal injury claim for a TBI, look for a traumatic brain injury lawyer who is up to date with the latest research and legal literature on the subject.

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