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    Pain is a highly personal and private experience for someone to go through. No one else on the outside can know what a person in pain is truly feeling. Therefore, we cannot claim to understand your pain. But if you are suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after an injury and looking for legal assistance, that’s something we know like no other.

    As an experienced team of CRPS lawyers in Pennsylvania, we have worked closely with thousands of CRPS victims and know firsthand that each case is different. The legal strategy we devise for you is tailored to answer your needs and responds to the specifics of your case alone.

    Our priority is to ensure you get the best medical care and access to therapeutic tools, so you can stop all that pain and prepare to reclaim your life.

    What is CRPS/RSD?

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD, now known as Type 1 CRPS) is a chronic pain condition. It is rare, not fully understood, and often life-altering. It typically affects a single limb — arm, leg, hand, or foot — but often spreads from one limb to another without any new injury.

    While experts are not exactly sure why some people develop CRPS after an injury, the consensus seems to be on nerve damage. Trauma to the central and peripheral nervous system causes nerve damage, triggering them to send intense pain impulses to the brain.

    The amount of pain experienced is often disproportionate to the original injury. Victims often describe it as sensations of ‘shooting pains’, ‘pins and needles’, and ‘burning’. In fact, the original name of CRPS, Causalgia, is Latin for ‘burning pain’.

    At the moment, there is no cure for CRPS. But treatment options are available. The sooner you get the diagnosis, the more effective your treatment can be. Delays only worsen it, which, in the case of CRPS, can often be a lifetime of disability.

    If you have developed CRPS after an injury, and need to file a lawsuit or claim or want to appeal a previous denial, our expert lawyers in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in PA can help. Call us for a free case evaluation.

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    What Causes CRPS?

    While nobody knows the exact causes, experts agree that nerve damage might be the primary cause of continuous pain that gets worse with time.

    As the research continues, scientists and health experts have also been considering the role of inflammation and the immune system.

    Generally, traumatic injuries such as car accidents, workplace injuries, and strokes, etc. cause nerve damage resulting in CRPS. However, it’s not always the case. Any slight puncture to the wrong area in the nerve during a routine injection can also cause CRPS. Extended periods of immobility, such as casts after a fracture, are also known to result in CRPS in some patients.

    A list of common accidents that may cause CRPS:

    • Workplace Injuries
    • Automotive Vehicle Accidents
    • Sports Accidents
    • Slips and Falls
    • Medical Malpractice
    • Construction Accidents
    • Pedestrian Accident
    • Bicycle Accidents
    • Defective Products
    • And More

    If you have been diagnosed with CRPS or suspect this is the most likely cause of your enduring pain, you need an experienced CRPS injury lawyer.

    Types of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    There are two types of CRPS:

    Most CRPS cases belong to the Type-I category, where the diagnosis is not always straightforward. No specific diagnostic tools are available, and the process of elimination helps arrive at the most likely cause.

    To ensure your diagnosis is fair and informed, your PA CRPS injury lawyer at Cardamone Law will help employ the services of the most skilled health professionals. Using a series of tests and other tools, these experts will determine the best course of medical action and compensation for you.

    Types Of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Symptoms of CRPS

    CRPS has three stages, each marked by its distinct symptoms and challenges. Healthcare experts agree that early diagnosis leads to timely treatment which improves the chances of recovery.

    Stage 1 CRPS

    It’s called the acute stage and can last up to three months.

    The most common symptoms a person might feel during the acute stage of CRPS include:

    • Inflammation
    • Changes in skin temperature, color, and texture
    • The rapid growth of hair and nails
    • Stinging pain,
    • Joint pain,
    • Muscle spasms, and
    • Tactile hypersensitivity

    Stage 2 CRPS

    Also called the subacute stage. It lasts 3-6 months, and the symptoms continue to worsen. The patient may also develop new symptoms, including:

    • Stiff muscles
    • Muscle weakness
    • The slow growth of hair
    • Cracking and breaking of nails

    The pain becomes constant at this point and increases in intensity.

    Stage 3 CRPS

    It’s the final stage, also called the chronic phase. The pain may become unbearable in this phase and, if left untreated, can cause entire limbs to become immovable. In the affected area, tissues, muscles, and even bones may start to break away.

    Which stage of the complex regional pain syndrome you are at will help specialists understand the type and level of care you need. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can increase your chances of getting the kind of compensation that will serve you on this arduous path.

    The McGill Pain Index

    CRPS is a chronic health condition that severely diminishes the quality of life of its victims. In the worst cases, it can even lead to permanent disability. While early intervention is the key, it’s also important to empathize with the pain.

    The McGill Pain Index below gives you a glimpse of the intense pain CRPS patients live with daily.

    As industry experts representing clients with RSD injuries in PA, we aim to bring this knowledge to the negotiation table and the trial courts to ensure you get the best support from the system you need.

    Getting the CRPS Compensation You Deserve

    Our CRPS/RSD injury lawyers in PA win you the best financial compensation you deserve.

    We aim to maximize your medical benefits and other rehabilitation compensation so you can pay for the best possible treatment.

    A brief list of compensatory benefits that you may be entitled to under the law include:

    • Medical benefits
    • Lost wage compensation
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Loss of quality of life
    • Long-term disability benefits
    • Cost of assistance
    • Punitive damages, and
    • Lump sum settlements
    McGill Pain Index

    Speak With Our CRPS Attorney in PA today

    Lawyers are not medical experts — but after dealing with healthcare specialists for 60+ years, personal injury lawyers at Cardamone Law know that a good doctor can make all the difference in a patient’s life.

    As we help you reclaim your life, we hire the expertise of the most seasoned and expert professionals who understand the life-altering consequences of CRPS and have the nuance to deal with people who suffer from it.

    At Cardamone Law, we also know that if a workplace injury has caused CRPS, the PA Workers Comp Act may be a bit limiting in granting you the fair compensation you deserve.

    To protect your rights, you need personal injury lawyers in PA with a proven winning record for CRPS cases. Lawyers at Cardamone Law are a team you can trust. With Michael Cardamone and Paul Silver, you have the top Pennsylvania personal injury expertise in your corner.

    Call us at (215) 206-9068 for a free case evaluation today.

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