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    The Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyers at Cardamone Law Win Three Significant Victories

    Attorneys Michael Cardamone and Paul Silver of Cardamone Law, LLC, a Lansdale and Philadelphia based Workers’ Comp Law Firm, have secured three Supersedeas victories for their clients in the past few weeks. Supersedeas is important in a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case as it’s the attempt by the employer/carrier to stop or reduce the wage loss checks of a claimant at the outset of litigation. By defeating this request, Cardamone Law, in its three cases, has allowed their clients to have income as the case proceeds in court- which often takes 10 to 14 months until a final Decison on the merits- unless a case settles. Attorneys Cardamone and Silver procured Affidavits from their clients on the seminal issues in the respective cases, and obtained updated medical reports from the treating physicians, to make a showing that they had evidence which refutes the allegations of the employers’ expert doctors.

    For more information about Pennsylvania Work Comp Law, or Supersedeas and how it works, always feel free to call the firm 7 days a week. (215) 206-9068

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