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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Michael W. Cardamone of Cardamone Law- MyPhilly WorkersComp Attorney, Wins Significant Case For Injured Worker

    In a very contentious case lasting well over a year, Attorney Cardamone, President of Cardamone Law, has secured a significant victory for his client who injured his hip at work. The claim was denied based on the theory that he had a pre-existing condition that wasn’t affected by the work incident. Cardamone successfully argued that the incident at work substantially affected his client’s hip condition, resulting in surgeries and disability.

    Cardamone secured past due wage loss and medical benefits for his client from June 2013 to the present and ongoing with the victory, in addition to statutory interest (10% per annum), and reimbursement of litigation costs.

    The case was defended by a prestigious defense firm in the Philadelphia area.

    The Workers’ Compensation Judge issued a well reasoned 17 page Decision outlining the facts of the case and his reasoning for granting the Claim Petition. The WCJ agreed with Cardamone that Claimant’s treating physician was more credible than the Employer’s two medical experts- and that Claimant was credible in his accounting of what happened and his symptoms following the injury.

    Cardamone Law is a specialized Workers’ Compensation Firm- only representing injured workers, with four convenient office locations serving injured workers in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania

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