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    Philadephia Workers’ Compensation Attorney Goes to Court For Injured Workers

    Michael W. Cardamone, known as MyPhilly WorkersComp, of The Cardamone Law Firm, has secured a Supersedeas victory on behalf of his client. Supersedeas is a critical stage of a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case at the outset of litigation whereby the insurance company attempts to reduce the wage loss checks being paid to the injured worker. Cardamone successfully defeated the insurer’s attempt to reduce his client’s wage loss checks by producing evidence that the earning capacity analysis of the insurer’s vocational expert was flawed.

    Due to this victory, Cardamone’s client will continue receiving workers’ compensation checks as the litigation proceeds in court.

    For more information about how Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation works or for a free and prompt consult, call Attorney Cardamone directly at (215) 206-9068 or email Michael@CardamoneLaw.com.

    Attorney Cardamone is a rare attorney who is 1) Certified as a Specialist in PA Work Comp Law, 2) Only represents injured workers and 3) Does NOT practice in other areas of the law- only work comp!

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