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    Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlements by Cardamone Law

    In the last few months, Cardamone Law has settled numerous Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation cases for our clients. Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlements must be approved at a hearing by a Workers’ Compensation Judge. The Judges aren’t concerned with the amount- that varies depending on many factors and will differ in each case. The role of the Workers’ Compensation Judge is to make sure the injured worker understands the full legal significance of the settlement and the effects on his or her rights. The vast majority of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlements are approved. The key is for the agreement- called a Compromise & Release Agreement, to be clear with respect to indemnity (wage loss) and medical benefits (as well as other benefits like specific loss if they apply).

    Here is a summary of some of our recent settlements:

    $239,000.00 for an injured worker who sustained a serious lower extremity injury

    $140,000.00 for an injured worker suffering from a low back injury

    $130,000.00 for an injured worker who sustained a serious neck injury

    $80,000.00 for an injured worker who sustained a hand injury

    $45,500.00 for an injured worker who sustained a spine injury

    $45,000.00 for an injured worker who sustained a hand injury

    $24,000.00 for an injured worker who sustained a leg injury

    $18,500.00 for an injured worker who sustained a neck and arm injury

    Remember- these amounts are often on top of wage loss and medical benefits already paid to our clients, often after successful litigation. Some of these clients may have been paid over $350,000.00 in wage loss and medical benefits that we secured for them- some prior to settlement, and then the settlement itself. Each case has it own value depending on the average weekly wage of the worker, the extent of disability, whether there is light duty work that the employer may have available, what a vocational expert opines about a residual earning power, the age of the worker, and many other factors.

    Importantly, many injured workers ask whether they are entitled to a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlement. The answer is no. It’s a choice by the insurer/employer to make an offer. Similarly, it’s a choice from the worker to accept it or not. Mediations can be helpful to settle a case.

    One mistake many people make is failing to get a Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Lawyer like Attorney Cardamone, to help negotiate a settlement. So many workers are ripped off and don’t even know it. You cannot lose money by hiring us- you can only make money. And, even if you already have an offer on the table, we only get 20% of any increase. It may be tempting to take a $50,000.00 offer by an adjustor. But the case may be worth $150,000.00. So if we settled it for that amount, and with our 20% fee taken out, you net $130,000.00 vs $50,000.00. You more than doubled your settlement by calling us. This happens frequently.

    There are so many myths circulating about Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation- including myths about settlements. There are no pain and suffering damages for example. But that concept is very hard to believe for many folks.

    Please call us any time for information about Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlements. Many firms out there claim they’re “Workers’ Comp” firms. And, maybe they practice some Workers’ Comp Law. But at Cardamone Law, we’re unique- it’s literally all we do.

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