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    Pennsylvania Work Comp Law Firm, Cardamone Law, Settles Numerous Cases, Totaling Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

    In the past few months, Cardamone Law, a unique Pennsylvania Work Comp Law Firm that only handles Work Comp cases for injured workers, has settled many cases for its clients, and garnered offers in several others. Here are some of the settlements:

    $165,000.00 for ironworker with knee injury
    $92,000.00 offer for field tech with a neck injury
    $90,000.00 for truck driver with knee injury
    $75,000.00 for a laborer with a knee injury
    $60,000.00 for a tire technician with a leg injury
    $56,650.00 for a hairstylist with a back injury
    $30,000.00 for a baner with a spinal injury

    These are just a few of the cases we’re working on for our clients. Remember, each case is unique. Case values depends on how long someone has been receiving benefits, their average weekly wage prior to injury, severity of injury, their residual earning power, if any, the status of any litigation and strength of insurer’s IME or other evidence, education level, etc.

    We are one of the only firms in Pennsylvania that limits its entire practice to Pennyslvania Workers’ Compensation for injured workers. [:]

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