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    Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, PA, Overturns Unjust Decision Against Injured Manager

    Michael W. Cardamone, Certified PA Work Comp Law Specialist, known as MyPhilly WorkersComp Attorney, has secured an important victory for his client, an injured department store manager who sustained a work-related low back injury. Pennsylvania Work Comp Supersedeas was requested by the insurer at the outset of litigation- a request to immediately stop an injured worker’s wage loss checks. However, Cardamone successfully rebutted the evidence, namely, the so called Independent Medical Report, with his client’s Affidavit confirming she isn’t recovered from her work injury, along with recent medical records which corroborate the Affidavit. The Work Comp Judge denied the Supersedeas request by the insurer.

    As a result of this victory, Cardamone’s client will continue to receive her workers’ compensation checks as the litigation moves forward.

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