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    Pennsylvania Work Comp Attorney, Michael W. Cardamone of Cardamone Law Is Retained By A Lead Technologist At Area Hospital

    Attorney Cardamone is a Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Specialist dedicated 100% to injured workers. He has been retained by a client who is a lead technologist for neurodiagnostic testing at an area hospital. The injuries occurred from repetitive, heavy work activities over a course of time. After a biased “Independent Medical Exam”, the claim was denied. Attorney Cardamone has filed a Claim Petition to prosecute the matter before a Workers’ Compensation Judge.

    Do NOT let a Work Comp Denial deter you from pursuing your workers’ compensation case. Denials are routine by insurers and their hope is that you believe that their doctor’s word is gospel. It’s not. The Work Comp Judge will look at all of the medical evidence- ie, your own treating doctor’s opinions, and hear your testimony, and decide whether the conditions you have are indeed work-related. Attorney Cardamone has a very high rate of success in work comp litigation.

    Note that in Pennsylvania you have three years to file a Claim Petition. The three years runs from the date of injury or the date you first learned that your condition may be work-related. The earlier a Claim Petition is filed, the better, as the medical evidence will be fresh as will your memory.

    For more information about how to proceed after receiving a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Denial, call Attorney Cardamone 7 days a week at (215) 206-9068 or email him at Michael@CardamoneLaw.com

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