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    Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Request for Supersedeas

    What does a request for Supersedeas mean in a Pennsylvania Work Comp case?

    It means the insurer/employer is requesting to reduce or eliminate your wage loss checks based on evidence of an earning power- usually after an Independent Medical Exam is performed. You will see this request on a Petition to Terminate (alleging a recovery), a Petition to Suspend (alleging no loss of earning power), or a Petition to Modify (alleging some earning power).

    According to 42 Pa.C.S. § 702(c), “Supersedeas provides that, except as otherwise prescribed by general rule, a petition for permission to appeal under that section shall not stay the proceedings before the trial court or other government unit, unless the trial court or other government unit or the appellate court or a judge thereof shall so order.”

    PA Workers Comp Request For Supersedeas
    Image Source: pexels/Sora Shimazaki

    If you don’t already have a Pennsylvania Work Comp Attorney, you should call us right away. Supersedeas is a CRITICAL part of a PA Work Comp case because if you don’t win that first part of the case, your checks can be reduced or stopped as the litigation takes place- and that can take up to a year or more sometimes.

    Supersedeas in PA workers’ compensation laws is a fancy way of saying the insurer wants to cut off, or reduce your checks, in most circumstances. It is a red flag to get lawyered up quickly! Check out how Cardamone Law firm wins several supersedeas cases for injured workers in Pennsylvania.

    For more info about Pennsylvania Work Comp Supersedeas, call us or email (215) 206-9068 or Michael@Cardamonelaw.com – We have the best PA Workers’ compensation attorneys who will look into your supersedeas cases and offer you the best possible advice and solution.

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