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    PA Workers Comp News: Cardamone Law Wins Litigation Regarding Medical Treatment For Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome/RSD

    Michael W. Cardamone, President of Cardamone Law, and known as MyPhilly WorkersComp Attorney, has secured a significant victory for his client who suffers from disabling Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, formerly referred to as RSD- Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

    At issue were Ketamine Infusions which the insurer challenged. The challenge came quickly on the heels of a previous victory by Cardamone Law- which secured CRPS/RSD as a work-related diagnosis in the case. The insurer claimed the infusions weren’t reasonable and necessary. Cardamone successfully convinced the Workers’ Compensation Judge that they were in fact reasonable and necessary as they provided significant symptom relief to his client when it had been administered prior to the insurer lodging their challenge. (via “Utilization Review”).

    Cardamone’s client suffers from horrific symptoms and this victory allows his client to receive the infusions which will greatly enhance his quality of life. The Judge credited the opinion of Claimant’s medical expert, and also found Claimant’s testimony to be credible. Litigation over the issue lasted one year.

    When you need assistance with a PA Workers Comp case, whether it involves CRPS/RSD or other disabling conditions or injuries, turn to Cardamone Law for the best chance at succeeding.

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