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  • PA Workers Comp Lawyers: Cardamone Law Successfully Presents $215,000.00 Settlement For Injured Researcher

    Michael Cardamone recently presented a large workers’ compensation settlement to a Workers’ Compensation Judge in Berks County for an injured clinical researcher who sustained a work-related head injury as a result of an accident.

    Pending was a Petition to Modify based on a job offer. Cardamone’s client tried the job unsuccessfully and Supersedeas (the first stage in litigation) was denied, allowing wage loss checks to continue as is.

    The parties reached the settlement at a lengthy Mediation in July 2015.  All PA Work Comp Settlements must be approved by a Workers’ Compensation Judge at a hearing.

    Cardamone Law is the unique boutique dedicated 100% to injured workers.  Injured workers with significant injuries turn to Cardamone Law for strong representation from a Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Specialist.

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