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    PA Work Injury Attorney Michael Cardamone- MyPhilly WorkersComp Attorney- Wins Supersedeas For Injured Bus Driver

    Michael W. Cardamone, Esquire, President of Cardamone Law, has secured another victory for his client, an injured bus driver. Cardamone had won the underlying case a few years ago, getting his client onto workers’ compensation benefits after her work-related knee injury. The litigation was fought hard and Cardamone prevailed by showing the Workers’ Compensation Judge that his client was credible and that her doctor, an orthopedic surgeon who did her knee surgery, had a more credible opinion than the hired gun from the Employer.

    In this most recent litigation, the Employer is alleging that Cardamone’s client is fully recovered. The first part of the case is called Supersedeas whereby the Employer asks the Judge to supersede or cut off the wage loss checks. In response, Cardamone submitted an Affidavit from his client, and recent medical records indicating that she is not fully recovered.

    The Workers’ Compensation Judge denied Supersedeas which means the wage loss checks will continue as the litigation unfolds. This is a critical win because litigation can take up to a year- sometimes even longer. The victory allows Cardamone’s client to keep paying her bills as she tries to recover and restore her earning power.

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