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    Witty Workers’ Comp Laywer In Pennsylvania, Michael Cardamone, Wins A Yellow Freight Motion

    Certified PA Work Comp Specialist, Michael W. Cardamone, has won a Yellow Freight Motion for his client, a Lancaster area worker in the retail business. A Yellow Freight Motion is applicable when an employer/insurer fails to file an Answer to a Claim Petition within a 20 day period without an adequate excuse. At the first hearing, Cardamone argued that the Answer was late, and counsel for the employer had no excuse. Accordingly, the Work Comp Judge awarded a period of approximately four weeks of wage loss benefits to Cardamone’s client based on the Yellow Freight case law.

    For more information about Pennsylvania Work Comp Rules, contact Michael 7 days a week via phone or email at (215) 206-9068 or Michael@CardamoneLaw.com

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