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    Reputable Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Pennsylvania Fights For Nurses’ Rights

    Michael Cardamone of The Cardamone Law Firm, has won a Supersedeas Decision for his client- a hard working client who had four jobs at the time of her serious work injury which involved a broken leg. Supersedeas in a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case is the insurer’s request, at the outset of litigation, to stop or reduce the indemnity benefits based on evidence of a recovery or an earning power.

    The insurer hired a vocational expert to try to reduce Cardamone’s client’s benefits- asserting that she has an earning power beyond what she is currently earning. Cardamone hired a vocational expert to analyze the Labor Market Survey. The expert issued a report highlighting the flawed analysis. In addition, Cardamone presented an Affidavit from his client explaining why she cannot perform the allegedly available jobs, in addition to some medical records highlighting his client’s limitations.

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