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    cardamone-law-logo-02As always, we’re busy at Cardamone Law! Here are some exciting things to summarize for you:


    -Our new website will be done in a few weeks. It’s incredible, clean, and easy to navigate.

    -We secured a large settlement of over $225,000.00 in April 2018

    -We secured an offer of over $100,000.00 for a client with a low back injury

    -We secured a settlement of $100,000.00 for a client with a head injury

    -We secured a settlement of $52,500.00 for a client suffering from a knee injury

    -We secured a settlement for a client for $20,000.00 in a disputed claim regarding a shoulder injury

    -We secured benefits for a client for a work-related neck injury

    -We have taken numerous medical expert depositions to meet our burden of proof in pending litigation

    -We’re once again sponsoring the Tex Mex 5K Run in North Wales in June 2018

    -We secured a victory for our client by getting a Judge to invalidate an Impairment Rating Evaluation pursuant to the Protz Pennsylvania Supreme Court Case

    -We secured a Supersedeas victory for a client battling a low back injury, allowing her to continue to be paid as litigation unfolds

    -Attorney Cardamone was published in the Top 100 Lawyers of 2018 Magazine

    -We have been involved in extensive litigation regarding organophosphate exposure on an airplane, fighting back against an enormous airline to obtain justice for our client

    -We have been retained by numerous new clients looking for our specialized work comp boutique to maximize their outcomes

    -We’ve happily sent our referral fees to other lawyers who rely on us to help those with work comp injuries

    -We’ve referred out many cases to other lawyers for non- work comp matters including employment discrimination, personal injury, and social security disability


    Comp? Cardamone!

    Thank you for your support.

    (Note that nothing on this site shall be construed as legal advice. All cases are unique and have distinguishing facts.)

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