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    We’ve been busy as usual at Cardamone Law. Here is a summary of what’s been happening:

    -Our new Office Manager is Shirley Gray. She is already doing a fantastic job dealing with clients- she’s very friendly and smart and is a great addition to the firm.

    -We’ve been retained by numerous new clients. We get their petitions filed the same day they retain us, when necessary. We are ultra efficient!

    -We filed numerous petitions to reinstate client’s disability status from partial disability to total disability after the landmark Protz Decision was issued by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court- this Decision invalidated the Impairment Rating Evaluations under the statute- which was a way for insurers to limit their exposure on the wage loss end of things. We will soon find out how the Judges will rule on IREs that were already performed PRIOR to Protz.

    -Attorney Cardamone has been named to the Top 100 Attorneys of Pennsylvania by “America’s Top 100 Attorneys. Always nice to be recognized!

    -We cross examined a Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehab doctor- and we believe successfully, in a case involving whether certain treatment for our client’s RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) is reasonable and necessary. We settled the wage loss part of the case for well over $200,000.00 last year, and are now battling the insurer on the medical end.

    -We have settled hundreds of thousands of dollars of case for our clients this fall. Lump sum settlements in Pennsylvania, otherwise known as C & Rs (Compromise and Releases) must be approved at a hearing before a Work Comp Judge. We are known to fight hard for every dollar- the beauty of a small boutique like Cardamone Law is that we are on top of our cases, and don’t take a cookie cutter approach like the bigger firms.

    -We recently received a favorable Decision for our client who sustained a knee injury at work. She only missed about 8 weeks of work despite a surgery, but the insurer would not agree to pay. The litigation took well over a year- and we won both wage loss and medical benefits for our client- and now the insurer owes a lot of statutory interest too. The insurer/employer appealed the Decision, but we have secured a victory again- in the first stage of the appeal called “Supersedeas” which means they have to pay! Sometimes, the insurers don’t make a fair offer, or any offer, and we have to litigate a case to a conclusion. We tend to win!

    -We are working on a case where the first offer was well over $600,000.00. We are still negotiating and expect a higher offer soon. Injured workers with serious injuries don’t go to a Jack of All Trades law firm – ones that handle different types of cases- they come to Cardamone Law! It’s all we do!

    -Our new Cardamone Law Stadium Cups are in! Call our Office Manager Shirley Gray at (215) 206-9068 if you would like one. They are in our Blue Bell office. We also re-ordered our popular Cardamone Law pens- they are quite sharp!

    Cardamone Law is a proud sponsor of the Take a Breather Foundation’s Fall Gala at the Merion Cricket Club on November 17, to benefit children and adults with Cystic Fibrosis.

    Thank you for supporting us- have a great and safe holiday season!

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