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    Best Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

    When you have suffered an injury caused by someone else’s negligence, how do you about seeking compensation for it? Who pays for your medical bills, and who is responsible for the earnings you lose when recovering from the injury? To file a personal injury claim, how does one go about it?

    The key to finding the best Philadelphia injury lawyer is a combination of:

    1. Ratings,
    2. Experience,
    3. Results, and most importantly,
    4. Word of mouth.

    Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer
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    There are many personal injury lawyers or firms that have little experience, but who try to hide this fact — their profile may not say what year they graduated from law school, for example. They may also puff up their results or even flat-out makeup results that would be difficult to prove to an outsider.

    To find the best legal help using these criteria, let’s take a look at them one by one. But first…

    When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

    Personal injury occurs when you or someone you know was harmed by someone else, or perhaps a corporation, manufacturer, or hospital/doctor.

    The injury you sustained could be severe, resulting in exorbitant medical bills and physical and mental trauma. Such an injury could change your life. To compensate for all these injuries, hiring the right Philadelphia personal injury lawyer becomes a big deal. You don’t want to just call a large firm that may be on TV every 10 minutes. You’ll likely get a rookie lawyer who has the pressure to settle 10 cases a week.

    Not at our boutique firm.

    The reason Cardamone Law is the best injury lawyer in Philadelphia is that we handle our cases with precision and patience and never settle them on the cheap. We take our time to establish the maximum damages/value for the case. Attorneys Cardamone and Silver put their 65-plus years of experience and wisdom together, to analyze and work on every case together. Their combined experience is incredible and evident from the hundreds and hundreds of work comp settlements and victories (stemming from accidents at work).

    Attorneys Michael Cardamone and Paul Silver are a rare combination. Both have achieved the prestigious Martindale Hubbell Preeminent Rating — the highest available for ethics and professionalism, as voted by their fellow lawyers — and will be a massive legal support when you file your personal injury claim.

    4 Factors That Help You Find the Best Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

    • How does one find the best Philadelphia personal injury lawyer? Answer: Ratings & Reviews.

    Many people rely on Google Reviews to look for the best Philly lawyers near them. While Google Reviews aren’t the only factor, they can be quite helpful in finding the best injury lawyer in Philadelphia.

    To get the best out of Google Reviews, look for common themes in the reviews. Also, pay attention to how brief the reviews are. One-line reviews may not be completely trustworthy.

    To see what authentic reviews look like, we recommend reading our Cardamone Law Google Reviews. You will see a common theme when you read them: that we care, that we’re trustworthy, and that we frequently win!

    We are quite proud of these reviews, especially in an ever-increasingly negative world. What about other ratings like on a Facebook Page or Avvo? Certainly, you can look at these too. But the most objective place is probably Google as most people are familiar with Google and may not be as aware of other sites like Avvo.

    • Why should you trust the most experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer?

    Who has been in the courtroom every week for decades?

    How many briefs has the lawyer written?

    How many settlements have they reached?

    Yes, the amounts of the settlement are important but they can vary from case to case and also will be lower in work comp cases versus third-party cases where one can receive pain and suffering damages, too.

    When talking about experience it’s important to note that this in no way reflects upon the capabilities of a young lawyer. We all have to start somewhere. Nothing against a young lawyer helping on a case.

    But you will want to find a firm/lawyer that has a heavyweight experienced lawyer leading the charge. Mistakes can be made easily and having experience is a way to minimize mistakes — whether it’s writing a motion, who to pick on a jury, how to take a deposition, or selecting your roster of experts on a given case.

    • Is word of mouth important in finding the best Philadelphia personal injury lawyer?

    Yes, it is!

    Ask around for recommendations from people you trust. Make sure they have a real brick-and-mortar office.

    We’re always happy to meet our clients in our Philadelphia or Lansdale locations — any day of the week. If you take the train to our Lansdale location, the train stops directly next to our office and we’ll pay your fare.

    Find out if the lawyer you are considering actually goes to court or just talks a big game on TV and then refers your case out to someone else when it comes time for court.

    There are many firms with amazing websites, but who do lackluster, sloppy work. So, remember in searching for the best Philly personal injury law firm, don’t just rely on one factor. Ratings, website, word of mouth, experience, etc., look at them all.

    Also, pay attention to how much they care about the community. Do the lawyers give back? Are they known to be involved in the communities, or are they all about themselves? Cardamone Law gives back. We support several causes including the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association, North Penn Football and Baseball, Manna on Main Street, Kids Chance, a scholarship fund for law students, and more.

    Choose a lawyer who’s involved in the community because then you know that they actually care.

    • Do the best results come from the best Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at smaller firms?

    We’ve noticed the best work coming from smaller boutique law firms. This is our opinion. But an opinion that’s grounded in years of witnessing how firms operate.

    You’ve probably witnessed campaigns by a large law firm on TV that’s constantly bragging about how big and powerful they are. To us, a huge firm means lots of rookies who may be cutting their teeth on your file — which may involve life-altering injuries and loss of earning power. They may have pressure to settle cases quickly as they keep getting 10 new cases on their desk in a given day.

    Not at smaller firms.

    Some folks will inevitably want the big “name”, thinking that will garner the best results. We don’t agree. The results are generated from hard-nosed work — lots of time learning the details of a case, spending time speaking with your injured client, spending hours in depositions and reviewing medical records, and talking with your colleagues about their advice.

    Judges and juries are smart. They know who is prepared and who is full of hot air.

    Cardamone Law is here to help you — and if we cannot, we’ll refer you to the best Philadelphia personal injury firm that we know can assist. It’s a really important decision and one you want to be comfortable with, and not look back on.

    Always feel free to call us for help- any day of the week at (215) 206-9068, or email Michael@CardamoneLaw.com. Or visit our website.

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