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  • PA Work Injury News: MyPhilly WorkersComp Attorney Michael Cardamone Negotiates Six Figure Settlement For Injured Worker

    Michael W. Cardamone, Esquire, President and Owner of Cardamone Law, a specialized PA Work Comp boutique firm for injured workers, negotiated a $100,000.00 settlement for his client who sustained a head injury from a work-related motor vehicle accident.

    The insurer had filed a Petition to Terminate benefits claiming he was “fully recovered” based on an Independent Medical Exam, but Cardamone won the first stage of the case called Supersedeas, by presenting evidence demonstrating that his client was no where near fully recovered. That initial victory kept the weekly checks coming as the parties entered into the deposition and negotiation phase of the case.

    All Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlements must be approved by a Workers’ Compensation Judge at a hearing. All cases are unique and require the analysis of a Certified PA Work Comp Attorney such as Attorney Cardamone.

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