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  • Cardamone Law- The Official
    Partner of the American Worker

    Cardamone Law- The Official
    Partner of the American Worker

    Cardamone Law Supports International Spring Festival at North Penn High School

    The state of Pennsylvania will be celebrating its 31st International Spring Festival at North Penn High School, Lansdale, PA.

    This festival celebrates the diversity in the local community. Everyone comes together to have an entire day of fun, games, food, music, commerce, and a whole lot more.

    This year, Cardamone Law – your friendly neighborhood workers’ compensation firm – will also be present at the festival in full swing. As the biggest PA workers’ compensation firm, we will be hosting a vendor’s booth there and use the event to make our richly vibrant and diverse community more aware of their rights as public and private employees.

    North Penn High School
    Banner Credit: NorthPennNow

    International Spring Festival – A Celebration of Diversity And Inclusion

    The International Spring Festival is a local diversity event that celebrates cultures, community, and traditions of the world. Local residents proudly display countries and nations of the world, depending on their own heritage, citizenship, or even just a country or culture they admire.

    These nationality exhibitions are there to encourage us to know each other and our neighbors better and discover the common threads that bind us all together.

    Participants spend the whole day sampling international food, dancing on international live music, and painting each other’s faces. There is a dedicated area for children’s activities too to entertain and engage them. Schools display thousands of artworks of their students, businesses take part to raise awareness about their services, and even nonprofits join in to promote their causes. And all this is done with lots of fun, music, and great food.

    With free admission and parking, the festival attracts more than 6000 attendees every year and is the biggest the State sees annually.

    Look For The Cardamone Law Booth In ISF On April 23 This Year!

    As a family-oriented workers’ compensation firm, Cardamone Law keeps its relationships with the community strong and consistent. We champion causes and celebrate joys that make our people happy. From sponsoring high school baseball teams to supporting international festivals, we jump at every chance we can get to connect with the people we serve.

    With spirits sky high, we’ll be making our booth at ISF a place to be this year! We’ll answer your questions, share non-confidential details of the innumerable cases we’ve won, and help you see our PA workers’ compensation firm looking out for your rights in full form.

    For more details, and no-obligation free consultations, give us a call today: 215) 206-9068.

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