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    What Kinds Of Injured Workers Do I Represent?

    All types of injured workers in Pennsylvania

    -Nurses and nursing assistants who injure their back or shoulder from lifting a heavy patient or from being assaulted by a patient

    -Truck drivers who hurt their backs from loading or unloading freight, or simply from the jarring inside the truck from the poor ergonomics

    -Workers on assembly lines who injure their shoulders, hands and/or wrists from repetitive job duties

    -Secretaries or Office Workers who develop carpal tunnel from excessive typing

    -Laborers who injure their backs or necks from lifting heavy objects

    -Deli or Cafe Workers who trip and fall at work injuring their knees or ankles

    -Forklift Operators who injure their backs from excessive jarring

    -Desk workers who develop asthma from exposure to foreign substances/fumes

    -Construction workers who slip and fall sustaining serious injuries

    -Cashiers who injure their backs from excessive standing and lifting of product

    -Factory workers who sustain a loss of hearing from acoustic trauma or long-term exposure to loud noises

    When you want a workers comp attorney in Pennsylvania call Michael Cardamone at (215) 206-9068 or email Michael@cardamonelaw.com Never any fees unless we settle your case or enhance the value of your case by preventing the insurers from terminating, suspending or modifying your checks. Fight the insurers with someone who gets results.

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