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    Cardamone Law- The Official
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    What Happens At Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Hearings?

    Sounds like a typical lawyer answer, but it’s true- the answer is that it depends.

    Some hearings are for a brief discussion between the attorneys and the Work Comp Judge, called a “Pre -Trial” where no testimony is taken. Other hearings involve presenting evidence such as deposition transcripts and updating the Work Comp Judge as to the status of litigation. Sometimes a hearing is specifically slated for testimony of the injured worker or perhaps an employer witness, or the adjustor. Some hearings are specifically for a “Compromise and Release” which is a Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlement. In this type of hearing, the injured worker testifies briefly so that the Work Comp Judge can determine if they understand the full legal significance of the Agreement. In other instances, a hearing is held to submit a Brief, which is a written legal argument on an issue.

    The duration of a hearing depends on what is happening of course. Some hearings can take one minute or less. Other hearings can take  hours.

    The best way to determine what will happen at a given hearing is to speak to your PA Work Comp Attorney. Each Work Comp Judge handles their cases differently so it’s a case by case basis.

    For more information about how Pennsylvania Work Comp Hearings work, call or email Attorney Michael W. Cardamone 7 days a week at (215) 206-9068 or Michael@CardamoneLaw.com

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