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    What Are The Benefits Of A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

    There are many. However, the most significant benefit is arguably the certainty of the outcome versus the uncertainty that accompanies litigation where anything can happen.

    When an injured worker in Pennsylvania settles his or her workers’ compensation claim, he knows exactly what he’s getting in exchange for closing down the case. The terms of the agreement are spelled out in a document called a Compromise & Release Agreement.  A Workers’ Compensation Judge has to approve the settlement at a hearing. However, the Judge does not care if the deal is a good deal or a bad deal for any of the parties. The sole purpose of the Judge in a settlement hearing is to determine whether the injured worker understands the full legal significance of the settlement agreement and its effects on his rights under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.

    Another benefit of settlement is avoiding the ongoing stress of an open claim. When the case is over, the injured worker no longer has to worry about surveillance people spying on him, or having to testify in court. There are no more “independent” medical exams and no more late or erratic checks. Likewise, the stress of wondering if work comp will pay for the medical bills ceases.

    I find that most of my clients benefit psychologically as well. The burden that is lifted from the shoulders is great and it allows the injured worker to move ahead with his life and figure out where he can work given his residual restrictions.

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