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    Bucks County Workers Comp Lawyer For Injured Workers

    If you need a Bucks County Work Comp Lawyer, look no further. I’ve been handling cases for injured workers in Bucks County and surrounding counties for over a decade. I am familiar with the Work Comp Judges in Bucks County- this familiarity helps my clients because I know what to expect and what evidence will be necessary to give you the best possible chance at success.

    Don’t hire a jack of all trades. Pennsylvania Work Comp is a complex body of law. All I do is Pennsylvania Work Comp- for injured workers. I do not represent insurance companies or employers. Some attorneys play both sides of the fence. Not me. My sole allegiance is to injured workers in PA. My clients see this passion quickly.

    When choosing a PA Work Comp Lawyer, do so wisely. Consider experience, reputation, education, and other factors when making your choice. The PA Work Comp system is not easy to navigate. It is really important to have an attorney who is willing to fight for you- not just for a quick settlement.

    If you have questions about your PA Work Comp case, call me directly at 215-206-9068 or email me at Michael@cardamonelaw.com. I never charge a fee for analyzing your case. We only get paid if we 1) get you wage loss benefits that you’re not receiving already, 2) if we prevent the insurer from reducing your benefits, or 3) if we settle your case for a lump sum.

    Employers and insurers have one goal in mind- and they are often ruthless about it- get any injured worker back to work as soon as possible and pay out as little as possible in the work comp claim. Many injured workers don’t realize this and think that somehow the workers’ comp carrier is “on my side”. No they aren’t. Their sole goal is to pay as little as they can with little regard to your health.


    Bucks County Work Injury Lawyer

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