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    Testimonials From Clients of Philly Work Comp Lawyer Michael W. Cardamone

    “Mike is truly a professional and an honest man that speaks to you and not above you. He goes the extra mile in travel, phone or e-mail to keep you posted at all times on your claim. Mike always said, ‘patience pays off.’ He’s right. Not only was he an excellent attorney, he is now considered a friend. Thanks Mike for all the effort you put into winning my claim!!”
    – L. Jefferson

    “Mike took my work comp case when the risks of winning the case were uncertain. Mike also traveled distance to handle circumstances of an uncertain claim. Not only did we win the claim I have, he continues to stay in touch via phone and e-mail. True professional with integrity and honesty regarding your claim. Thanks Mike for your hard work!!”
    – T. Zook

    “Mike, . . . Thanks for your help. You were great to work with and knew your stuff.”
    – B. Sorensen

    “Mike has been more than just a lawyer in my case but he has also been a friend and a considerate person. He has come to my house when I couldn’t travel to him because of my injury. He has kept in close contact with me and called me periodically to follow up with me. I feel he truly cares. I would recommend him to anybody.”
    – R. Ebersole

    “Thank you very much for being my attorney and handling my workers’ compensation case for me. You were really great…I’m glad the case worked out fine and we didn’t have to go to court. I can put all my thoughts, feelings about everything behind me, go on with my life!”
    – C. Stoltz

    “Michael Cardamone really helped me with not just my workmen’s comp case but also dealing with the depression over the waiting period. He really kept me strong-so to all the injured workers out there who may be thinking about giving up hope, think Cardamone first -it really helped me. Thanks Mike for a wonderful job !!!”
    -Lee Scott

    “It was Michael Cardamone’s pleasant personality and guidance that relieved most of my understandable anxiety over this draining ordeal and court appearances with the insurer for over two years. I trusted him implicitly and he never steered me wrong. I feel lucky to have him represent me”
    -J. Smith


    For more info about Pennsylvania Workers Comp Law and the Best Lawyer For Work Injury In Pennsylvania call Michael W. Cardamone at 215 206 9068

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