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    Should I Quit If I Was Hurt On The Job And Feel Like The Employer Is Trying To Fire Me Now?

    Talk to your attorney, whether that’s me or someone else as every case is different and needs an individual analysis. But generally, the answer to this will be no!

    If you quit then the Employer/Insurer will argue in Court that your loss of earning power is now due to you voluntarily withdrawing from the work force, versus your work injury causing a loss of future earning power.

    Employers often fire injured workers after a work injury but it is illegal to fire an injured worker because they were injured. However, they can (absent a contract) fire someone for other reasons such as poor performance, an economic downturn, etc.

    If you quit, it tends to dramatically lower the value of a case. Trying to get wage loss benefits after a voluntary quit can be quite an uphill battle.

    If you feel that you cannot handle the physical demands of your job, then speak with your doctor about getting modified restrictions. Then it will be the Employer’s burden to try to accommodate them.

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