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    Should I Allow A Nurse Case Manager To Help Me With My Pennsylvania Work Comp Case?


    So many injured workers mistakenly believe that their nurse case manager is their friend and looking out for them. WRONG! They are essentially a spy hired by the employer or insurer to interfere with your medical appointments and to put pressure on the doctor to release you back to work. You are an adult and do not need a nurse case manager to interfere in your case. While many of them are nice, hard working people who are just doing their job, you have to always remember that they do NOT have the same interests as you. Your interest is to obtain all the benefits you deserve given your medical condition. Their interest lies in getting you off of work comp as soon as possible without regard to how it affects your life.

    Insurers love nurse case managers because they act almost like an investigator. The nurse case managers can obtain information from the injured worker and perhaps take it out of context, thereby prejudicing the doctor and/or adjustor. Injured workers often feel intimidated and believe that the nurse case manager is a requirement. This is not true.

    Having an experienced and Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Lawyer on your side is a way to maximize your benefits. Having a nurse case manager involved is a way to minimize your benefits. It’s true.

    If you want more information about the role of Nurse Case Managers and Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation, call or email me 7 days a week. Cardamone Law is here to help.

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