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    Settlement Amounts For Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp

    Here are some recent settlements I have negotiated on behalf of injured workers in Pennsylvania:

    -110,000.00 in a case involving a low back injury

    -100,000.00 in a case involving a permanently damaged shoulder

    -100,000.00 in a case involving a torn rotator cuff

    Remember: every workers comp case in Pennsylvania is unique. The settlement amount for an injured worker in Pennsylvania varies based on many factors including the 1) residual skills, 2) age, 3) extent of injury, 4) average weekly wage prior to the work injury, 5) level of education, 6) future medical needs, etc.

    The attorneys’ fees for a Claimant’s lawyer in a Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Case are 20%, which is set by law. A case is more valuable with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer handling the negotiations, which can become quite complex, and may involve liens, credits, subrogation, and other complicated factors. The key component in evaluating a workers comp case in Pennsylvania is loss of earning power, since pain and suffering does not apply in workers’ compensation- a no fault statute.

    Feel free to call me for a full, free, and immediate case analysis.

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