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    Summer 2013 Update For Pennsylvania Workplace Accident Attorney Michael W. Cardamone Of The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC

    The summer of 2013 is off to a great start. Here are some highlights of my practice:

    -Became Certified as a Specialist In Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law after passing the very first of its kind Certification Exam. Approximately 100 attorneys across the entire state who represent injured workers like myself are now Certified Specialists. (another 75 or so attorneys who represent employers/insurers are now certified as well) While the pass rate was high, just to sit for the exam, you had to establish many credentials which indicated that a large percentage of your practice is devoted to PA Workers’ Compensation, that you have practiced in PA Work Comp for 5 plus years, had to submit copies of briefs, etc.  The exam was really challenging- in fact, virtually everyone who took the exam protested in some way because the questions were so difficult. I was one of only two attorneys in my firm to even sit for the exam. The Certification process is fantastic as it allows injured workers to see who really knows PA Work Comp Law versus the attorneys who merely dabble in it along with other types of law such as personal injury, social security disability, etc. Our niche has become complex and this Certification gives the public knowledge as to who can best maximize a PA Work Comp claim. 100% of my practice is Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation!

    -I’m working on a book that I expect to be published in the Winter of 2014!

    -My radio ad was aired 26 times on the area’s most reliable and listened to station- KYW News Radio 1060 over two different weekends in July 2013! I remember listening to KYW even as a kid, waiting for my grade school’s number to be called on a snowy day! It’s very cool to be part of the KYW News Radio 1060 advertising family.

    -I was interviewed on the World Soccer Radio Show “Vuvuzela” by fellow work comp lawyer Eric Nash before a Union game at PPL Park!

    -A charity and Philadelphia Union Supporter’s group that I’m involved with called the Sons of Ben is the centerpiece of a movie being made called the Sons of Ben- The Movie and I may appear in some of the photos and perhaps even a live scene or two from some of the games! The movie is slated to come out in January 2014. Please help spread the word- the trailers are just great! The movie isn’t just about Philadelphia Soccer- but how this great group of guys support the local community and each other. I helped fund the making of the movie and cannot wait to see it.

    -Presenting a seminar for Lawline.com on July 25, 2013 on how to build a successful Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case! This is a great course for other attorneys, or injured workers, who are not well versed in PA Workers’ Comp Law but who want to learn how to build a strong case.

    -Won several cases after hard fought litigation including a large case against Lowes where tens of thousands of back due wage loss, plus ongoing wage loss, was awarded for my client! The case was hotly contested from one of Pennsylvania’s top defense firms.

    -Settled many cases for my clients, allowing them to move on from the stress of the PA Work Comp System. It’s a fair system and it works very well- but it’s never a picnic for injured workers who have to battle with insurers and employers who have different interests.

    -Appeared in Philadelphia Magazine June 2013 Issue in the Super Lawyers- Rising Stars Section- thank you to my colleagues for voting me in for the 5th consecutive year! Next year I will turn 40 years old so I won’t qualify for the “Rising Stars” award- I’ll just have to be a regular Super Lawyer I guess. (if I get selected that is!)

    Thank you for reading my blog- even if the topics may bore you at times! I try to make it practical so that injured workers and anyone in general can learn about how Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation works.

    The Cardamone Law Firm, LLC

    The Firm For Injured Workers In Pennsylvania

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