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    Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation LIBC Forms- Should I Fill Them Out?

    If you are receiving Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits, the employer/insurer will periodically send out these forms, called LIBC forms, asking for information. You should fill them out and return them within 30 days. If you fail to do so, the insurer has grounds to stop your checks if you are receiving wage loss benefits until such time as you return them.

    The forms are poorly written and prompt most of my clients to call me with questions. Some of the questions are too vague- ie, “Has your physical condition changed?”.

    One form will ask whether you are receiving Unemployment Compensation, Social Security (Old Age/Retirement) benefits, Severance, or Pension (to the extent funded directly by the Employer).  The Employer/Insurer is entitled to an offset if you are receiving any of these benefits while receiving workers’ compensation wage loss benefits.  With respect to Social Security Retirement, if you had been receiving that prior to the date of your work injury, there is no offset.

    If you have questions about the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation LIBC forms, call Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Super Lawyer (“Rising Star”) Michael W. Cardamone at 215-206-9068 or email Michael@cardamonelaw.com for a free and prompt consult.


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