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    How Long Does A Pennsylvania Work Comp Case Take?

    This question is usually one of the first questions a client or prospective client asks me.

    The answer? It depends. A very “lawyer-like” answer, I know. But it’s simply the truth.

    Some cases are settled in mere days or weeks and others take years or never settle.

    Also, there is a difference between the life of a claim and the life of litigation. What do I mean by this? If you are currently receiving Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits, and there is no litigation, well, the life of your claim could have no end- it depends on many things- Did you settle the case? Did you go back to work? When a petition is filed, this starts the litigation process. For example, if you are receiving Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation benefits, but the insurance company sends you to an Independent Medical Examiner and if that doctor writes a report claiming you are recovered, then the insurance company’s lawyer will file a Petition to Terminate benefits. This puts your case before a PA Work Comp Judge and the litigation can take up to a year or more- again, depending on many things.

    People get sick of hearing “every case is different” but it’s the reality. I’ve handled thousands of cases over 14 years and no two cases have been identical. It is highly recommended that you don’t seek legal advice from neighbors, co-workers, doctors, or family members. Get legal advice from a Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Attorney! Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation is a complex maze of rules and regulations and procedural quirks. Trying to navigate this without an experienced attorney is foolish- and most Judges, at the very first hearing- if you are unrepresented- will tell you this. The insurance company adjustors are not on an equal playing field with you, as they know how to set you up for a weak claim- an attorney like me, who only handles PA Work Comp Cases, will equal that playing field for you and help you maximize your case so that you can get your health back with the income stream to survive.

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