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    Other Than Going To Court, What Do Pennsylvania Work Comp Attorneys Do?

    Clients of mine often seem intrigued by attorneys and what we do every day.  Here are some of the things that I do each and every week on behalf of injured workers in Pennsylvania:

    -Prepare for and attend hearings

    -Prepare for and attend depositions

    -Prepare for and attend mediations

    -Speak to clients on phone, in person, and via email

    -Review medical records to strategize

    -Review letters from opposing counsel

    -Emails to and from clients and opposing counsel

    -Prepare letters to clients and opposing counsel

    -Prepare written arguments (briefs)

    -Draft and review Stipulations of Fact

    -Review settlement agreements

    -Review current case law and regulations to stay on the cutting edge of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law

    -Analyze cases for settlement value

    -File Petitions

    -Assist in scheduling events such as mediations and depositions

    -Driving to and from events

    -Keep up with social networking and other marketing campaigns

    -Review deposition transcripts for case strategy and for typing errors

    -Meet with new clients

    -Determine better ways to work more efficiently

    -Other miscellaneous items such as Continuing Legal Education courses, Bar Association events/news/literature

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