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    Need A Great Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia? Call Cardamone!

    The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation published a report that stated that there were 10,108 car accidents reported in the Philadelphia County in the year 2020. That is, the highest reported car accidents in any of the counties in Pennsylvania.

    Car Accidents in Philadelphia

    Auto accidents are common in Philadelphia County and if you have ever been in a car accident, you know it is quite overwhelming to overcome the injuries from an accident, both mental and physical.

    Contact Philadelphia Work Comp Lawyer

    Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia reports, 133 people died in vehicular crashes in Philadelphia, 8 out of 133 were bicyclists. The number is alarming and highest in 24 years.

    Philadelphia Traffic Victims 2022
    Source: Philadelphia Traffic Victims 2022/Bicycle Coalition Organization

    If the car accident was not your fault and you have suffered an injury in a PA car accident, you should hire a Philadelphia car accident attorney right away. An experienced auto accident attorney can help you file and manage the legal paperwork or administrative side of the post-accident situation.

    Types of Crash Severity in A PA Car Accident Case

    There are three types of crash severity in a car accident:

    1. Fatal Crash – When one or more persons involved in a PA car accident dies due to the injuries caused by the crash within the 30 days of the accident.
    2. Injury Crash – When one or more persons are injured during the crash but none of the car injuries are fatal.
    3. Property Damage Only – When there are neither fatalities nor injuries as a result of the car accident but there is damage to the vehicle or other properties.

    Need A Car Accident Lawyer? Contact Cardamone!

    If you ever need a great car accident lawyer in Philadelphia, call Michael W. Cardamone who has close and trusted friends who handle car accident cases. He will tailor the right attorney for your car accident case based on several factors including location of the accident, nature of the injuries, personality of the client, etc. Michael Cardamone is one of the best workers’ compensation attorneys in Pennsylvania, his firm Cardamone Law deals with all sorts of workers’ compensation cases including brain or mental injuries at work, construction injuries, or car accidents compensation cases related to work, and more.

    Great Car Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia
    Image Source: unsplash/Karl Solano

    At Cardamone Law, expert work comp attorneys make sure that all the injured workers in Pennsylvania are compensated for their losses. The professional network of attorney constitutes best car accident lawyers who are experienced in similar cases and make sure that the injured Philadelphia car accident clients get the best possible compensation for their loss.

    Don’t use the yellow pages for a car accident lawyer in the Philadelphia area. Call Cardamone Law and we will put you in the right hands. There are many Philadelphia Best Car Accident Lawyers but only so many good ones. We will help you find the perfect car accident attorney in Philadelphia who will meet you in person to answer all your queries, help you understand the process, guide you through the car accident or personal injury paperwork, and present your case in the court.

    Likewise, if you need the best medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, just ask Cardamone Law for a referral. We will be happy to assist. Call Cardamone Law LLC or Michael Cardamone at 215-206-9068 for free and prompt consultation on all sorts of work comp cases, car crash, truck accidents while working or medical malpractice lawyer in Philly. We also provide consultation through email, write to us at: Michael@CardamoneLaw.com

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