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    My Doctor Doesn’t Seem To Be On The Same Page As Me, What Should I Do?

    Talk to your work comp lawyer. Sometimes, it’s better to iron things out with your physician- if they are willing, of course, and sometimes it’s better to move on and find a better advocate.  You certainly want to avoid the appearance of doctor shopping so it’s always better to have continuity with a doctor, but sometimes you don’t see eye to eye and need to move on. If you speak to your work comp attorney about the situation, he or she will be able to analyze your case, the circumstances you are in, and the backdrop of your case, to be able to give you sound advice.

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    One common example of doctors and patients not being on the same page is after surgery. The surgeon will want to stress all the positive things- such as improving range of motion, less pain, well-healed surgical incision, etc.   (and it’s perfectly fine to note improvements that have taken place but sometimes they overdo it, possibly to justify the surgery or to have a paper trail to fend off malpractice allegations)  On the other hand, the surgeon may minimize or understate the ongoing problems that you are experiencing- despite a surgery that may have been done as well as it could have been done. The failure to document your ongoing limitations, or the failure to state them accurately, can negatively impact your Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation case. This is why it is important for you to have an experienced attorney who will obtain your records and analyze them, to make sure the doctor’s records truly reflect your condition- and not simply the improvements you have made.


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