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    Key Elements To A Successful Workers’ Compensation Claim In Pennsylvania

    1) Hire an experienced workers’ comp lawyer right away (Michael Cardamone, Esquire- 215.206.9068)

    2) Reporting the injury immediately to a supervisor

    3) Following company guidelines regarding panel physicians

    4) Giving a complete and accurate history to your doctors as to how and when the injury occurred

    5) Trying, in good faith, to attempt any light duty work offered

    6) Following the doctors’ recommendations

    7) Keeping a diary/journal as to significant events- especially if you were asked to return to work and called back to reply to no avail

    8) Don’t do anything to get yourself fired because employers are bearing down on you after a work injury to potentially look for reasons to fire you in an attempt to avoid liability for the work injury

    9) After 90 days is up, see a doctor outside the panel doctor list

    10) Don’t engage in chit chat with co-workers about your injury or treatment

    Feel free to call me any time at 215.206.9068 for a free and immediate consult about your case.

    Or email Michael@cardamonelaw.com

    -Michael W. Cardamone- Fighting For Injured Workers In Pennsylvania

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