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    Is The Workers Comp Insurance Company On My Side?

    No! There is a direct conflict of interest between what you want and what they want. You, as the injured worker in Pennsylvania, simply want to obtain the benefits afforded to you by law- wage loss benefits and medical benefits. More importantly, you want to get better.

    On the other hand, the insurance company wants to pay as little as possible on your claim. They send you to panel doctors who have relationships with your Employer, and they have incentive to minimize your disability to the extent that the subjective nature of medicine, permits.

    The insurer doesn’t enjoy paying you wage loss benefits. That’s why they send you to IME doctors to obtain an opinion that you’re either fully recovered or have an earning power.

    Employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance, but this doesn’t mean that the insurers are always looking out for you. They have to walk a fine line between appearing to be acting on your behalf and doing their job, with trying everything they can to spend less on your claim.

    My goal as a workers’ compensation lawyer for injured workers in Pennsylvania, is the reverse- namely, to maximize your entitlement to benefits- to obtain money for you so you can survive while you’re trying to recover- and to make sure that your medical bills don’t slip between the cracks.

    You also have to remember that every adjustor is different – some will treat you well and some won’t. You just need to be aware of the big picture, which is that each party has largely different objectives.

    No, insurers are not evil. But they are looking to end your claim with as little spent as possible.

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    Michael Cardamone- Pennsylvania Workers Comp Attorney

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