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    Info About Independent Medical Exams in PA Work Comp Cases

    Injured workers in Pennsylvania often ask me what to expect for their Independent Medical Examination for their work comp case.

    Here are some general facts about IMEs in PA Work Comp cases:

    -The insurer can send you for an IME in Pennsylvania every 6 months. (there are some exceptions)

    -An IME in a Pennsylvania Work Comp case generally takes about 45 minutes which includes time speaking to the doctor and the examination itself.

    -The insurer must reimburse you for the miles you drive to and from the exam, or they can usually set up transportation if you wish.

    -The doctor will issue a report summarizing his or her findings from the IME.

    -The IME doctor is not a treating doctor. He/she is simply examining you and reviewing records to offer opinions which may be used for litigation.

    Independent Medical Exams are not very independent. The insurer/employer/TPA hand picks the doctor- and therefore, the doctor is normally somewhat biased.

    -Independent medical exams in Pennsylvania do not establish and doctor/patient relationship.

    Independent Medical Exams in PA
    Image Source: pexels/Negative Space

    For more info about PA Work Comp and IMEs, call or email me at 215-206-9068 or Michael@cardamonelaw.com


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