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    Independent Medical Exam (IME) In Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp Cases

    Why does an injured worker in Pennsylvania have to go to an IME doctor- that is, a doctor hired by the workers’ comp insurance company? Well, because the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act allows for it. An independent medical exam in Pennsylvania every 6 months is reasonable. IME doctors are hired by the insurance company and tend to see things differently than a Claimant’s treating doctor.

    Independent Medical Exam
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    An independent medical exam doctor in Pennsylvania will typically spend 5 minutes examining an injured worker in Pennsylvania; and many times they issue a report stating the injured worker is “fully recovered” because there aren’t “objective findings” to support the “subjective complaints”. It proves that medicine is an art- not a science.

    An injured worker in Pennsylvania must attend the IME or they risk having their benefits suspended until such time as they attend. The Judges will normally allow a miss, but will then enter an Order compelling attendance at the next scheduled exam- and if the worker misses that exam, they risk a suspension of their indemnity benefits. (wage loss).

    For more information about your IME in Pennsylvania, please call Michael Cardamone at 215-206-9068 or email Michael@cardamonelaw.com for a free consult.

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