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    I’m An Injured Worker In Pennsylvania- How Long Will My Case Last?

    It really depends. If you are totally disabled from working, your case can go on indefinitely unless you reach a settlement with the insurance company. (never do this alone b/c you will get taken to the cleaners).

    Most cases will settle at some point. Every case is different so there is no bright line rule as to when.

    If your claim was denied and you filed a Claim Petition, that litigation takes approximately 9 months to 1 year until a decision is rendered by the judge. Other types of petitions can be quicker such as a Petition to Review a Utilization Review where depositions are not always necessary.

    Sometimes you can be forced to litigate many differents kinds of issues- even after you win your initial claim or even if your claim was originally accepted. These issues can be unpaid medical bill, late payment of your checks, arguments about your earning power or whether you followed up on a job referral in good faith.

    Many people believe that workers’ comp is a 1 day, 1 trial- with one decision only. That is incorrect. Your case can involve dozens of rounds of litigation over an extended period of time. It’s an exhausting system for injured workers in Pennsylvania which is why many cases will resolve within a year or two of the injury.

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