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    If My Work Injury Happened From Repetitive Work Rather Than Suddenly, Can I Get Workmens Comp In Pennsylvania?

    Yes. Repetitive work injuries are just as valid in Pennsylvania as sudden work injuries.

    I often see laborers injuring their backs from repetitive lifting. Or workers who repetitively push and pull on assembly lines injuring their shoulders. I see computer workers hurting their hands, wrists, and elbows from repetitive typing or poor ergonomics. I see nurses or certified nursing assistants hurting their backs from repetitive lifting or maneuvering of patients.

    Repetitive work injuries are recognized and common in Pennsylvania. Work Comp benefits are available for repetitive work injuries in Pennsylvania.

    For more info about repetitive work injuries in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Work Comp Law, call Michael W. Cardamone at 215-206-9068 or email Michael@cardamonelaw.com

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