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    I Represent All Kinds of Pennsylvania Injured Workers

    PA Work Comp Lawyer Michael W. Cardamone represents all kinds of injured Pennsylvania workers including:

    Marcellus Shale workers
    X-Ray and Ultrasound Techs
    Factory workers
    Office workers
    Truck drivers
    State Workers
    Prison Guards
    Home health aides
    Police And Fire

    Work injuries do not discriminate. Unfortunately, the negative attitude that we sometimes hear or read about towards injured workers tends to have a chilling effect on injured workers who may feel ashamed or intimidated to come forward and pursue the benefits that are afforded to all employees- benefits that the insurers and employers fight hard to not pay.

    Feel free to call or email me 7 days a week to discuss your situation.

    Michael W. Cardamone – Top Rated Pennsylvania Work Comp Lawyer

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