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    FAQ: I Have Outstanding Medical Bills That PA Work Comp Is Denying – What Should I Do?

    One of the hardest parts of dealing with an injury is navigating through the medical bill – an extra expense on top of all the mental and physical strain. In most cases, PA workers compensation act offers a great relief in the form of coverage for reasonable and necessary treatment of the injury. However, it is always not as simple as that to get complete coverage on the medical bills in a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation case.

    Work Comp Is Denying
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    Common Reasons For An Unpaid Medical Bill In A PA Work Comp Case

    There are several reasons a medical bill goes unpaid or denied by the PA workers compensation. We are listing some of the common reasons below but we highly recommend that you talk to your workers compensation attorney in PA to discuss the situation in detail.

    • The doctor’s office did not send the bill on the right forms
    • The treatment does not match the description of the accepted injury
    • The insurance company wants to make your life difficult

    Each situation is different and remedy will depend on the reason. For example, if your insurance company is refusing to pay the bill, your work comp attorney may want to review the controlling doc to see if the treatment is covered under the injury. Your PA workers’ compensation attorney will go through the document and your situation to determine the reason and come up with a solution accordingly.

    Need A PA Work Comp Lawyer? Call Cardamone!

    Call your attorney right away if your medical bill is denied by the PA work comp. If you don’t have one yet, call our certified workers’ compensation lawyers in Pennsylvania ASAP! Our expert lawyers offer services all across PA – Allentown, Reading, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Reading, Kingston, Hazleton, Exton, Lancaster, or Landsdale – We are just a call away!

    Michael Cardamone is the Founder and President of the best rated workers’ compensation firm in Pennsylvania, Cardamone Law, LLC. He is a certified workers’ compensation lawyer and recognized as best workers’ compensation lawyer in Montgomery County. Feel free to reach out to the Cardamone Law team via phone at (215) 206-9068 or through email michael@cardamonelaw.com.

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