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    How To Choose The Best Workers Comp Lawyer in Pennsylvania

    If you get injured at work and have no lawyers within your family or friends, where do you go? Chances are, you’d search online, ask for referrals from friends and family, or have TV ads direct you to a competent attorney.

    Thanks to slick advertisement, though, separating qualified and specialized lawyers from the rest can quickly become a struggle.

    To help you choose a skilled work injury lawyer, Pennsylvania has a unique designation, called a Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law.

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    What is a Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law?

    This is a special certification examination that determines which lawyers are the most expert in the field of Workers’ Compensation, PA. Its first examination was held in 2012, and Attorney Cardamone was among the small percentage of lawyers who took and passed the exam. He was again recertified in 2018.

    If you are a work injury lawyer, having this certified distinction is critical as it shows the public which attorneys are highly experienced and competent with a Pennsylvania Work Compensation case.

    The certification board allows the successful attorneys to use the following language in their marketing so as to highlight their credentials and advertise their expertise:

    Pennsylvania Supreme Court
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    The goal of specialty certification is to help the public make a more informed decision when choosing an attorney.

    Prerequisites to Become a Certified Specialist in the Area of Workers’ Compensation Law:

    To earn this coveted status, an attorney must establish that they have:

    • Been admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
    • Been actively engaged in the practice of law for a minimum of five years;
    • Devoted a minimum of 50% of his practice to the specialty field of workers’ compensation;
    • Directly participated over the past five (5) years in a minimum of seven (7) of the following categories of workers’ compensation litigation:
      • claim petitions;
      • fatal claim petitions;
      • specific loss claims;
      • utilization review;
      • Occupational Disease claims under Section 108 of the Workers’ Compensation Act;
      • Termination Petitions;
      • Suspension Petitions;
      • Modification Petitions;
      • Compromise and Release proceedings;
      • Appeals before the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board;
      • Appeals before the Commonwealth Court; and
      • Appeals before the Supreme Court.
    • directly participated in both direct and cross-examination of at least twenty-five (25) medical, vocational, or other expert witness depositions;
    • submitted three samples of any of the following documents authored by the attorney:
    • Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Brief submitted to a Workers’ Compensation Judge;
    • Briefs filed before the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board;
    • Petition for Supersedeas and/or Answer to Supersedeas before the Workers Compensation
    • Appeal Board and/or Commonwealth Court; and
    • Briefs filed with the Commonwealth Court.
    • Showed proof of completing the designated number of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MOLE) hours in the field of workers’ compensation over the specified period;
    • Passed a four-hour examination on topics related to workers’ compensation.

    Cardamone Law – The True Pennsylvania Work Comp Law Firm!

    As you can see, the certified status doesn’t come easy. There’s a tall order to fulfill before you can add that illustrious distinction to your name. Many law firms on TV or other media may claim to be expert in worker’s compensation cases. And maybe they do practice that from time to time. But at Cardamone Law, it’s ALL WE DO.

    If some nice ad has convinced you that you need a 200-member law firm to win your work injury case in Pennsylvania, you are likely setting yourself up to be carted over to a first year law graduate who’ll use your case as a learning experience.

    Be very careful.

    With a workers’ compensation case, it’s not only your livelihood and health but also your future at stake. Choose wisely.

    Call Cardamone Law any time for a free, no-obligation consult. (215) 206-9068.

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