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    How Does Settlement Work For Workers’ Comp In Pennsylvania?

    A settlement is an agreement between the injured worker and the Employer and insurance company (or third party administrator which is like an insurer but it doesn’t spend its own money) to resolve 1) wage loss benefits and 2) medical benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act.

    Settlement can happen any time the parties reach an agreement. Recently, mediations are becoming more common. A Mediation in a PA Work Comp case is a meeting with a Judge to try to settle the case.

    All settlements in Pennsylvania Work Comp cases have to be approved by a Work Comp Judge at a hearing.

    Injured workers should retain a lawyer who is experienced with PA Work Comp settlements. It is a big step to take alone and there are many technical aspects of the PA Work Comp Law that an experienced PA Work Comp Lawyer can help you with.

    I have settled tens of millions of dollars of PA Work Comp cases. I am known to fight hard for my clients.

    Call or email me 7 days a week for a free consult about your PA Work Comp Settlement.

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