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  • Cardamone Law- The Official
    Partner of the American Worker

    Cardamone Law- The Official
    Partner of the American Worker

    How Do You Win A Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Case?

    The key for injured workers is having a Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Lawyer Specialist– an attorney who only handles workers’ compensation cases and only for injured workers. Pennsylvania Work Comp Law is complicated and having a specialist is critical.

    On a more micro- level, the key element is presenting credible lay and medical evidence. Lay evidence is testimony from the injured worker. Medical evidence will be reports or deposition testimony from a treating physician who can opine as to the work-related diagnoses, the relevant restrictions, and what type of treatment is reasonable and necessary.

    Knowing the Judges is important too- and this gets back to the first point I made. The experience of litigation is incredibly important as each Judge has different personalities, experiences, and things they look for.

    At Cardamone Law, all we do is Pennsylvania Work Comp. We aren’t a “Jack of All Trades”.  100% of our practice is dedicated to helping injured workers. And our results are indicative of this focus.

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