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    Cardamone Law- The Official
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    How Do I Know If I’m Getting A Fair Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

    Let us review your case and we’ll advise. All we do is Work Comp so we’ll figure out, based on the facts of your case, whether any offer is fair. There are so many things to consider- the average weekly wage of the injured worker, their age, their education level, their level of disability, whether surgery is needed, whether restrictions are permanent, what vocational skills you have that are transferrable to the work place, and many more factors. Be careful not to compare your case to someone else’s. This is very common- “well my co-worker got $250,000 for his settlement and my injury is worse”. Well, do you really know their level of disability? What was his/her comp rate? How far did they get in school? Was the case in litigation whereby his/her checks were being threatened because an IME doctor is claiming a “full recovery”? What job skills and intellect do they possess? The last thing you should do is compare your case to another’s. Simply put, it’s a waste of your time.

    Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Settlement
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    Injured workers who don’t lawyer up will tend to get low ball offers. It is extremely important to call us (215) 206-9068 so we can review your case and get the most money possible. This is your earning power on the line! Get an expert/specialist involved! We don’t mess around with five areas of law- all we do is Work Comp for injured workers- making our firm rare.

    We’re here and available for you so call or email- Michael@CardamoneLaw.com
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