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    Do You Need An Experienced RSD Lawyer In Philadelphia or Pennsylvania?

    If you have RSD  (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, call experienced Philly Lawyer  Michael Cardamone of Cardamone Law to discuss which doctors may be best equipped to treat you, or to discuss your legal matters. These are serious diagnoses that require an experienced opinion. Having deposed the top RSD doctors in Pennsylvania, Attorney Cardamone knows the difficult nature of dealing with these conditions. Insurers and their doctors like to contest the very existence of these diagnoses, at times. This is because RSD can be quite expensive to treat and it is often a permanent condition. I can also help to ensure that you are being treated by a competent doctor experienced with RSD and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

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    Call Mike at 215-206-9068 or Michael@cardamonelaw.com for a free and prompt consult. 7 days a week

    Philadelphia RSD Lawyer


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